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Forearm Reduction Unit

TOPS forearm reduction unit serves as an aid to the Physician in the reduction of a forearm fracture and in maintaining the reduction as the Technologist is applying a cast. Our wide base is designed to prevent the tipping over of the unt. The unit is useful in obtaining an x-ray post reduction. We also offer a table mounted design.

TR-1002           1 - Base
TR-1003           1 - Upright Bar
TR-1004           1 - Tensioning Device
TR-1005           1 - Humorous Cuff with Tension Strap
TR-5007-9        1 - 9" Abduction Bar
TR-1006           1 - Force Indicator 
TR-1007           1 - Finger Trap Assembly(1 Large  4 Medium)
TR- 1008          Finger Trap Bar
TR-1009-OP     Pedo(set of 5)
TR-1009-01      Small( set of 5)
TR-1009-02      Medium(set of 5)
TR-1009-03      Large(set of 5)
TR-1009-M        Mixed finger Traps(set of 5)


TR1001      Forearm Reduction Unit

TR-1001-T    Forearm Reduction Unit table mounted


All components are available separately.