About Us

Texas Orthopaedic Products and Services, LLC is a second generation manufacturer of orthopedic products. In the mid sixties a new orthopedic manufacturing company emerged. The cutting and sewing company made arm slings for the local orthopedic community. Buddy Abdou was a teenager who worked after school and throughout college in the family business. The business grew and expanded into several markets in the orthopedic community. After college Buddy Abdou went out on his own and developed several successful businesses. During this time the family business continued to develop and perfect the manufacturing process, with the technology to produce the highest quality product in the market place.

In 1987 Buddy Abdou was asked to rejoin the family business in a marketing capacity. He was instrumental in the company becoming one of the leading manufactures of traction equipment and other orthopedic products in the country. In 1999 Buddy left the family business to form Texas Orthopaedic Products and Services, LLC, TOPS.. The management/manufacturing team has well over 75 years of combined experience in designing, developing and manufacturing orthopedic products. The same is true for experience in marketing to the orthopedic community.

Texas Orthopaedic Products and Services, LLC is dedicated to the HIGHEST STANDARDS IN PRODUCT DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING IN THE U.S.A.

Phone Numbers:

972-772-8776 Main
972-772-1930 FAX
888-373-4009 Toll Free
Manufacturing Facility:

805 Riding Club Road
Rockwall, Texas 75087
 Mailing address:

P.O. Box 190
Fate, Texas 75132