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Balkan Frame

Our basic Balkan frame is available with one piece heavy duty horizontal bars or with telescoping horizontal bars(Pictured here). These overhead frames are used primarily in situations where the frame is left assembled on the bed.

Please specify bed model & manufacturer when ordering

4  -  I.V. Post Frame Uprights.
2   -  36" Plain Bars
4  -  Double Clamps
2  -  Telescoping Bars
2   -  Stabilizing Bars
1  -  Trapeze Assembly


TR-6003          Basic Balkan Frame

TR-6003-T       Basic Balkan Telescoping Frame

TR-6004          Basic Balkan Offset Frame

TR-6004-T       Basic Balkan Offset Telescoping Frame

We have designed our Balkan Frame uprights to fit directly into the beds I.V. post sockets for a quicker and easier set up by eliminating the need for I.V. rods & clamps, extra plain bars, and more double clamps. (Notice the 4 stabilizing bars)


We recommend the use of 4 stabilizing Bars when setting up this frame.
(2 included)